Eye-Tail-Yin Design Purgatory

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Italian graphic design comes in many shades of strange. There’s the Avant Garde, including the Italian Futurists who sought to upend the established design aesthetic by basing much of its look on the remnants of vintage newspaper and book typography, like the famous Soffici cover (below, top) that I happened to find in one of the few remaining old bookstores in Rome. And the word-as-picture/picture-as-sound-image that Soffici included in this book as an advertisement (below, middle), and the masthead for the Fascist newspaper (below, bottom) with its neo-classical/baroque illustrative typographic-Novocento style. These are the kind of eclectic artifacts that are getting harder and harder to find in the new digital purgatory.

Soffici cover
word-as-picture soffici
masthead for Fascist newspaper

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