‘Journey of the Mind’ Exhibit Explores How COVID Effected Our Mental Health

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Whether we realize it or not, COVID has caused detrimental effects on our mental health. If there’s one positive about it, though, it’s something that the entire world had to go through together, and “Journey of the Mind” is an exhibit that we can all relate to and learn something from.

Studio Rejane Dal Bello designed the visual identity, and the entire system focuses on the word “mind” through impending typography that represents the journey of self-discovery. Again, it’s the simplistic power behind the design that impacts and inspires.

Visual Identity designed for the Exhibition “Journey of the Mind”, a touring exhibition starting in Birmingham on 18th November 2021 Without Shape Without Form

Concerned with the impact Covid-19 had on our mental health, the Sikh community saw value in sharing the learnings of the Gurus (of whom there are 11 in total) about the mind – understanding it, our ability to control it, and how to find a higher level peace within it for everyone – and how that might be represented through words and art. Studio Rejane Dal Bello was invited to create the visual identity, exhibition and motion graphics, and the collateral for the exhibition tour that starts in Birmingham in November, visiting Glasgow, Bristol, London, Vancouver and with dates for the USA pending confirmation for 2023.

Focusing on the word mind – the typography lines expand, expressing the journey or path that the mind takes in order to welcome and embrace self-discovery – moving deliberately from the “darkness” into the “light”. This journey is what the Gurus teach, to show us how to unlock the meaning of that journey within our own minds. We explore various visuals of the stroke-path through motion and across all the exhibition touchpoints, inviting everyone to learn more about the Journey of the Mind.

Many thanks for the whole team of Without Shape Without Form
Specially to Deep Kailey & Nav Singh for developing such a wonderful project!

Project Credits

Creative Director, Designer
Studio Rejane Dal Bello

Project Manager
Kerryn Beeching
– DashTwo

Motion Designer
Marcus Prado

Creative Artwork and Production
Henry J Janes

Production Management
Jon Arnold – AMP Production