Panera Teams Up With Everyone’s Favorite TikTok Designer Emily Zugay To Create A Unique Holiday Cup Collection

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Holiday-themed coffee cups always nudge their way into the news this time of year, but ordinarily, they’re beautifully crafted designs that work to appease the masses. 

However, this year, Panera is moving in a different direction with satirical coffee cups designed by TikTok’s favorite designer Emily Zugay. You might’ve seen Emily’s designs and interesting logo edits take over the internet as huge brands such as McDonald’s and TikTok going as far as changing their social profile pictures to adhere to her “advice.” 

Panera’s bold partnership with the sarcastic designer shows a side to the brand that we’ve never seen before: wit. The hilarious cups act as a reminder of the importance of the humanistic side of brands, and when these giants of soup and sandwiches aren’t afraid of thinking outside the box, consumers respond accordingly. 

The four designs feature “ugly” typefaces and graphics that look like they were created in Microsoft Word, yet the color palettes are notably pleasant. Not only are the holiday cups available for a chance to win, but Panera’s Unlimited Coffee Club is available for purchase via the app and website and includes two months of unlimited coffee for just $15 or three months for $20. 

And while these cups might be intentionally ugly, Panera is showcasing that what matters most is what’s inside. Props to Panera for being bold.