Photoshop and Reddit Partner To Bring The Internet Just What It Needed: A Live-Streamed Photoshop Battle

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If the internet lacks anything, it’s not eclectic Photoshop creations that mash up a range of images. In fact, there’s an entire Reddit community dedicated to the art of Photoshop called “Photoshop Battles” that has over 17.4 million members. 

Tapping into the community, Adobe partnered with Reddit to produce a live-streamed event that consists of a daily challenge for participants to compete against each other by creating the best images with the given pictures of the day called /PsBattlesLive

The competition, which began on October 18th, will last five days, and each of the day’s best edits will get revealed in a daily one-hour live show from 12 pm until 1 pm PST. Hosted by comedian Patti Harrison, the event is lively, engaging, and filled with humor from both the pictures and the range of guest celebrities that join in on the fun. With appearances from Kate Flannery, Michael Ian Black, Maz Jobrani, Trixie Mattel, Will Sasso, and others, even if the images from the battle don’t make you chuckle, the live stream itself certainly will. 

And if you’re curious how random these requirements get, Day Two consists of a Western theme with images including a standing squirrel, a rock climber, a giraffe, an icebird, and two birds. Creativity is the name of the game, and we’re excited to see what the internet’s best comes up with because if we know anything, Reddit users are no strangers to the weirdness of the wild web.