Starbucks Promises More Inclusive, Accessible Stores 

Posted inCulturally-Related Design

Starbucks, the global chain of coffeehouses, continues to work towards fully accessible and inclusive stores. In 2021, they provided blind and visually impaired customers with Braille and large print menus, trained remote interpreters, and immediate visual communication access.

The coffee giant recently announced they will expand upon these measures with new in-store features that cater to deaf and hard-of-hearing customers. This includes live speech-to-text technology and a board that provides visual updates for each order. The brand hopes to have these inclusivity standards in place by 2030, and we’re looking forward to seeing what else might be brewing in the meantime.

We’re committed to building inclusive, accessible stores where all feel welcome. 💚

In 2021, we introduced Aira—a service that connects people who are blind or have low-vision with professional visual interpreters through an app—and released updated Braille and large print menus in all U.S. stores. But we aren’t stopping there. 

We’re currently testing innovative new technologies, including speech to text capabilities and visual order readiness notifications, at select stores around the country. Our goal? To meet a bolder set of accessibility standards by 2030, creating stronger, more inclusive communities.