This Carbon-Neutral Nonprofit Identity Has Plenty of Style to Spare

Posted inCulturally-Related Design

Graphic designer Kurt Niedermeier recently unveiled a sleek concept for the Global Facility to Decarbonize Transport, an exciting initiative the World Bank launched last year. This nascent organization is dedicated to helping countries around the world develop and fortify sustainable approaches to transport. Their sleek, stylish concept is centered around interlocking equal signs that mirror the simultaneous structure and loose flow of a highway or winding road. This smart iconography visually communicates the multifaceted approach required for something like transportation infrastructure, suggesting that several systems can work in tandem with each other. Plus, it looks great on all kinds of transport-friendly accessories, like helmets, water bottles, and tote bags. There’s even a cool racing jacket!

Check out their identity design and its corresponding merch below.

Launched in 2021, The Global Facility to Decarbonize Transport (GFDT) is a multi-donor trust fund whose mission is to help developing countries implement low-carbon transportation solutions, and fast-track their transition to greener, more sustainable transport. Working in close collaboration with the GFDT team, we determined where the emphasis should be placed by looking at how the organization sees itself, and where it wants to be positioned in the broader context of global efforts to create a more livable world, and healthier future.

The new brand identity takes into account the deep values that drive their work, gives authority to the organization, and works to dignify its position as a global leader helping to solve today’s complex decarbonization challenges. The refined nature and precision of the design—its balance, elegance, and simplicity—evoke a timeless quality, and as they continuously strive towards worthy goals, their new logo will come to symbolize not only the accomplishments of today, but the possibilities of tomorrow.