This Year’s French and Swedish Elections Will Feature Sustainable Ballots

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It’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed by the profound responsibility of voting. Thankfully, this year, its environmental impact doesn’t have to be a concern, at least not for residents of France and Sweden. Lessebo Paper recently been announced they’re producing the ballots for two European elections: next month’s French Presidential Election, and Sweden’s general election in September. The paper is fully biodegradable and recyclable, so these ballots will not only help determine the future, but preserve it.

Lessebo Design White will be used for ballot papers for the French Presidential Election 2022. The paper is produced by the Swedish paper mill Lessebo Paper, an industry leader in environmentally friendly paper production.  

“It is very satisfying to know that the French people will use their democratic right and vote with climate friendly papers from Lessebo Paper”, states Yasmina Chatty, sales representative for Lessebo Paper in France.  

Lessebo Paper will not only supply paper to ballot production for the French Presidential elections, but they will also supply paper to the ballot production for the Swedish Election taking place in 2022.  

“The fact that we once again have received order for ballot production confirms reliability and confidence in our qualities”, concludes Carina Jensen, Head of Sales and Marketing at Lessebo Paper.