Who Said Athletics Courts Have To Be Boring and Bland? Nike Updates the Playing Field For Young Women In Sports

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Girls Got Game is a non-profit group that works towards empowering women through sports. The group was founded in Manila, Philippines, and helps to equip pre-teen girls with the tools they need to help them within their lives through athletics. They also receive support through mental and emotional training with female role models. 

The non-profit group recently partnered with Nike to rethink conventional sporting courts by turning them into inspirational and colorful spaces. The courts were designed by Filipina illustrator Jill Arteche and feature a diverse collection of girls interacting through various athletics. 

Arteche designed an indoor and outdoor court at Sacred Heart Academy School in Santa Maria, Bulacan. The outdoor court showcases girls playing various sports, including ruby and basketball, and the indoor court showcases girls working in their careers in science and the arts. The outdoor court has been rightfully dubbed “Now,” whereas the indoor court is called “Future.” 

Now, not only will young girls be inspired through the art of whatever game they choose, but they’ll find motivation in the space they are learning, exercising, and interacting in. Plus, playing a sport on an inspirational court will undoubtedly prove to these girls that you can bring a positive and bright attitude with you anywhere, even within athletics.