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Istvan Banyai is known for his gestural virtuosity and conceptual acuity—and his character depiction is damn good, too. He has recently done some cool (perhaps old school) animations (here) but his new 3D interactive project caught my eye and hit the market just a few days ago!


“A startup company called Mental Canvas approached me a year ago,” Banyai told me, “a software engineer, Julie Dorsey, from Yale University, to be precise, who had a program, developed for architectural rendering, to move 2D elements, mostly sheets / as walls and create the illusion of space with it for presentation! Using this technology as a vehicle … they found me and asked me to collaborate, since my artwork is flat—only line and shadow, and has a somewhat semiotic content to play with.”

Mental Canvas is currently working on Banyai’s award-winning children’s book Zoom, but his earlier book, The Other Side, is now available with 3D design, visual design, user interaction, and sound design by Mental Canvas. See the trailer here.

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