After 50 Years, Panter Publishes an Underground Paper

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Better late than never. Gary Panter, the prince of punk publications and the king of the Ratty Line, told me he’s always wanted to produce a hippie newspaper. Now, in 2017, 50 years after the Summer of Love, he made it happen. Fog Window is a psychedelic volcano of pictures, words, color and love.

The newsprint paper is available during Panter’s exhibition at Marlborough Contemporary Gallery through Nov. 11.

Panter says this is a dream (or an acid trip) come true, and was made to be an insert in the next Devin Gary & Ross LP. “Char Esme, a former student, designed and did all the collages from my material,” he says. “Norman Hathaway and I advised her about hippie papers and I loaned her my Oracles, and so on.”

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