A Clean Sweep, Design-wise

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How many of you knew that designed broom labels were an industry of some note? Raise your handles. I’ve seen the random label festooned with stock-looking images printed in beautifully gaudy and often unregistered color. But I was unaware that the genre was so designy.

Samples of broom labels- broom016

These, from what might be called “The Wichita School” of pre-modernist label design, show a wide range of typical specimens, from the overly cliched to the unique and novel. Of course, it’s nice to have the image of a broom but not entirely necessary, as you will see. I attempted to find names of artists who engaged in broom label art but they’ve been swept out of the trademark registration books. Still, like many so-called “vernacular” design disciplines, you never know who might have earned their rent money doing them. I bet if it were possible, Andy Warhol might have put his brush to broom.

Broom- Design No. 34-R
Broom- Design No. 17
Broom- Design No. 25
Broom- Design No. 45
Broom- Design No. 44
Broom- Design No. 6
Broom- Design No. 2
Broom- Design No. 5
Broom- Design No. 5
Broom- Design No. 49
Broom- Design No. 10
Broom- Design No. 10
Broom- Design No. 15
Broom- Design No. 12
Broom- Design No. 26
Broom- Design No. 28
Broom- Design No. 1

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