“A Note To Our Readers”

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“A Note To Our Readers” is how the announcement of the redesign of the venerable International Herald Tribune (old: above top, new: above bottom and below) began on March 30. In New York Times understatement (the IHT is owned by the Times) the notice read: “From front to back, this issue presents a new look that we believe delivers the news to you more clearly and elegantly.” In addition to merging the Times and IHT websites to create global.nytimes.com, the newspaper redesign, expertly shepherded by Times’ Assistant Managing Editor and Design Director Tom Bodkin with art director Kelly Doe, brings the IHT closer into the Times fold.In addition to a streamlined logo (or nameplate), which now spells out International Herald Tribune in the traditional “Old English,” the paper’s exclusive versions of Cheltenham, designed by Matthew Carter, brings a new consistency to IHT’s headlines. The redesign of news, culture, opinion, sports and business sections allow for greater clarity and cleaner layout. And front-page “skyboxes,” as those illustrated teasers on top of the page are called, make scanning for features and columns more accessible.As one who loves sitting on a chair in Jardin du Luxembourg with the morning IHT, this modernization is a pleasure to read and behold. In this age when newspapers are in such grave peril, it is great to see resources being invested into a printed newspaper.Who among you read printed newspapers or has the online experience became your method of getting the news?