A Week Devoted to Design

Posted inThe Daily Heller

Why can’t every week be National Design Week? Well, maybe that’s asking for too much. Or maybe we should be careful what we wish for. In any case, on Thursday, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum will host the National Design Awards, featuring winners Scott Stowell for Communications Design and Michael Bierut, the Design Mind.

The museum also has designated this week, October 19-25, as its third National Design Week. In addition to events across the country, the Cooper-Hewitt will offer free admission to all visitors. Moreover, the museum will host a series of free public programs in the Target National Design Education Center and Arthur Ross Terrace and Garden.

And don’t forget that the winners of the People’s Design Awards will be announced on Thursday at the awards gala: Nominees (and you can still vote) include the McCain and Obama logos, as well as Helvetica, the movie, and Design Observer, the blog. BTW, The Cooper-Hewitt invites the public to comment on the awards here.