Acid Candy From Argentina: Acido Surtido Design Magazine

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Lucas López and Mauro López from Buenos Aires, Argentina, are the founders and editors of Acido Surtido, a design magazine started in 2001. I asked Lucas to explain the reasons for continuing an analog publication in this day and age.

Do you have a mission?Acido Surtido is an independent publication on art and design distributed for free in the whole country.

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Why did you start the magazine?As an answer to the lack of action and the downhearted feelings that was threatening the national cultural production in in Argentina when it was published for the first time in 2001 between protests, adjustment and political situation. Trying to take over collective construction common places, Acido Surtido opens itself to other voices, getting together in order to share. From the beginning, Acido Surtido was free of charge for its readers and participants. It does not count on advertising or sponsors of any kind whatsoever.

Who is your audience?The audience and contributors are mostly linked to visual arts: designers, photographers, illustrators, fine arts artists. However, throughout our issues there has been a heterogeneous universe which also includes writers and poets together with other collaborators who could have hardly had the opportunity to develop project-like experiences. As we say, Acido Surtido aims to find a gathering place to reflect before new readings and meanings that comprehend and surpass the works involved.

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The current issue is what you call “an intervention from Sael,” who created 2000 different custom covers. Who is Sael?José Alfonso a.k.a Sael is a visual artist and graphic designer who used (for our last edition) coloured tapes for each of the 2,000 copies numbered. Juan Pablo Andrade Gazze designed the printed cover, and they worked together in the production.

What does Acido Surtido mean?Acido Surtido is an evocative acid candy from our childhood, assorted and colorful. Like our sheet of paper, a mix between a magazine and a poster.


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