After the Quake

Posted inThe Daily Heller

The devastating earthquake in China last May prompted American designer Robert Appleton, who has been teaching in China, to design and co-curate 5.12: China’s Massive Earthquake: A Commemorative Exhibition, held at the RCM Art Museum in Nanjing. Appleton notes: “The website has more than 100 works out of 200 in the show. It includes pieces from Niklaus Troxler, Pierre Bernard, Kari Piippo, Melchior Imboden, Ben Bos, Michael Mabry, Peter Good, Rick Valicenti, Randall Enos, myself, and a host of Chinese including Wang Xu, Cao Fang, Pan Qin and many designers whose work has never been seen outside China before.” The exhibition is scheduled to travel to Toronto during the next months and is intended to raise global awareness of this natural disaster. Above and below are some of the posters (designed by Cao Fang (above), Li Yingwei, Chen Yu & Shen Weiwei, Pierre Bernard, and Yossi Lemel).