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Seymour Chwast, co-founder of Push Pin Studios, has been honored, celebrated and documented, but this week his definitive online archive is finally available to design historians, critics, students, groupies, professionals, professional groupies and, in fact, just about everyone with access to the internet. Go here for the Seymour Chwast Archive, which features hundreds of known, lesser-known and unknown published work. If the Dante’s Inferno poster (below) is familiar, it’s because it was on Roger Sterling’s wall for a few seasons of Mad Men. This and even more iconic gems are available for perusal.

I asked Chwast, usually a man of few words, to tell me a bit more about the entire enterprise. His response follows:


Finally! An archive of your old and recent work. What does this cover? Everything?Over 60 years of work. But we’re short on animation, which we can fix.

What are you most pleased with in this new site?The intelligent curation and design.

Who designed it?Project direction by Bryn Smith and website design and development by Frank LaRocca.

There’s a lot of work I haven’t seen before, and I’ve seen most. What do you think the biggest surprise will be?My biggest surprise is seeing my work I don’t remember doing!

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In addition, a brand new Seymour Chwast Gallery has launched as well, which will feature Chwast consumables and collectables, including posters, books, prints and magazines—a treasure chest of design history.

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