And now, the i-wood 3B

Posted inThe Daily Heller

For Novelty Day 3, let’s all give thanks to Jesse Willmon and Kirsten Sorton for the all-new i-wood, a reaction to everyone using their iPhones/Blackberries/other electronic devices in the most irritating ways–you know who you are. “We created our own version of these technological travesties to use when your friends/enemies/passing acquaintances are being jerks with their hand-held technology,” say the duo.

It’s Earth Day friendly, too. Don’t worry about recharging it–or, for that matter, losing or breaking it. The handy, screenless bamboo body makes this easy to dispose of, and acceptable to lose. With the i-wood, life can be simple again. No more pestering alerts, and forget about that pesky thumb-related RSI. But don’t forget to try the apps here. What is your least favorite gadget woe? Tell the world here.