Animating Pablo

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Pablo Ferro, the creator of such film title classics as Dr. Strangelove and The Thomas Crown Affair, will receive the AIGA Medal for Lifetime Achievement this year. It is well deserved, too. Also this year Pablo Ferro, the movie will be released. You can see a short trailer of this partly animated extravaganza here. The film, directed by Richard Goldgewicht, is a live action/animation documentary. For those who do not know, Ferro, a former animator and comic book artist who became a legendary designer behind dozens of renowned movie main titles, graphic sequences, and commercials, worked with the greatest names in film–everyone from Bill Tytla to Stanley Kubrick. The documentary will be narrated by Jeff Bridges. Here’s a link to his PROMAX/BDA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005 (with me, my voice dubbed by Bridges). And check out his title sequence reel below or here and this too.