Appeal on Behalf of Bananas

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By: Steven Heller | July 20, 2009

Bananas film postcard

I used to say bananas were my favorite because they have … appeal. But after this film Bananas!*(not to be confused with Woody Allen’s comedy) about “what’s hiddenunder the pretty yellow skin,” bananas are beginning to look ratherrotten. The film, by Fredrik Gertten, is about the global politics offood; specifically a legal battle against Dole for their use of abanned pesticide that was known to cause sterility.

Adam Eeuwens and Rebeca Mendezdeveloped the visual identity (including the posters here) for thisSwedish documentary. Eeuwens tells me: “Even before the movie premieredat the Los Angeles Film Festival, Dole Foods was trying everything toget the movie banned, including threats to sue the festival. Theysucceeded in getting the movie taken out of competition, but it got twoscreenings as ‘case study’ accompanied with a two-page disclaimer. NowDole is suing the Swedish production company, the director, and itsproducer. It really is a big bully transnational corporation (mis)usingthe justice system to stifle free speech and hide a dirty truth. Agrassroots movement is growing rapidly on Facebook, etc., and maybe thelittle asterisk we added to the movie title will become an engine forconsumer awareness.”

For more information about screenings and other news related to the explosive film, go here. And for Mendez’s discussion about the identity, go here.

Their bananas postcard
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