Arisman Seen/Arisman Heard

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Marshall Arisman, the illustrator, novelist, painter and now raconteur, has a series of fanciful, farcical, inspirational, and faux art-historical videos available for free public consumption. Hear his dulcet tones and see his sculpted face; it is worth a few minutes out of your day. I urge you to check out the following, particularly the rhythmical recitation of “The Divine Elvis” (but watch out, they’re habit forming):

Mary Livingston: An art restorer finds a dog in great master paintings.

The Divine Elvis: A tale about a boy and his monkey twin (above).

The Art Collector: Vinny knows what he likes, or does he?

The Mental Patient: A critic diagnoses a learning disability. The Fan Letter: An admirer checks in with the artist.

Picasso My Wife: An Homage To Pablo.

Also check out the new book, Marketing Illustration: New Venues, New Styles, New Methods by Arisman and myself here.