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Brazil’s Para Todos (For Everyone) magazine, under the art direction of illustrator José Carlos (1884–1950), is the gem of the country’s jazz- and Art Deco–age periodicals. His first work was published in 1902 in the magazine Tagarela. He soon became a regular contributor and within less than a year, designed a cover. His work was a cross between Aubrey Beardsley and John Held Jr., and he collaborated in design and illustration in all the major publications of Brazil.

All told, it is believed he created more than 100,000 illustrations, from a quintessential Brazilian comic strip about a whimsical little girl named Lamparina and other curious cariocas type, to middle-class characters and famed political and society figures.

In the 1930s, he drew Mickey Mouse for covers and advertisements in the magazine O Tico Tico. For more on J. Carlos go here.


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