Been There, Lubalin’s Done That!

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Herb Lubalin did not invent the idea of using a California Type Case as a framing device for typographic illustration, but he did use it in 1956, long before most other designers began playing around. This call for entries for the Second Annual Awards of Typographic Excellence, organized by Aaron Burns, was predicated on awarding under the following criteria: Typography that is predominantly the visual element; visual excitement, rather than competence in solving a problem. The jurors included Freeman Craw, Louis Dorfsman, Eugene Ettenberg, Gene Federico, Edward Gottschall, Lubalin, Herbert Roan, William Taubin and Hal Zamboni.

This call (the second competition for the TDC -Type Directors Club) is a minor piece in Lubalin’s overwhelming body of work, but a glorious example of Mid-century eclectic precision.

TDC is celebrating its 62nd year.

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