Beer in Beer Out: Now That’s Branding!

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Tuborg, the Danish brewery, has a long history indeed. Founded in 1873 it also has a brand that everyone knows, right up there with Heineken. In recent years, Tuborg has rested on its reputation, without as much aggressive advertising as other brews (although they’ve become “the official beer” of the Reading & Leeds music festivals). But back before the turn of the century, when the younger company was still establishing itself, and before it merged with United Breweries, branding (even if the term was not used) was a priority.

One of the most fascinating promotional premiums was this undated accordion folding brochure, which in vivid comic strip colors literally lays out the entire brewery from the boilers to the bottlers and beyond. When laid out end to end the brewery equals four yards on paper. The massive factory, however, was considerably larger than that. These days the Brewery is on the Copenhagen tourist circuit.