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Albert Pereta, is a student at SVA MFA Design, bike rider and entrepreneur. He just launched Share the Path, a unique mass-media website, devoted to bicyclists in New York. He says:

It is ‘The Moment’. That little amount of time cycling to work, to college, to anywhere. You love it! Just your bicycle, the landscape and your thoughts. How amazing is that? From the snowy woods of Iceland to the streets of New York.From a bridge in Amsterdam, to the coast of Sydney.Yes. There are people like you, all over the world, that feel the same way.Wouldn’t it be amazing to share that experience with them?Why you? Because your route is unique. Because it’s your time. Because it’s your path.

I spoke to him about his venture:

You are recently from Spain. Why did you start riding a bike in NYC?I was new in the city. I cannot describe the sensation I had when I first thought “This is your home now.” I just wanted to feel everything, to live what New York was offering me. A few days after my arrival, I remember walking from Brooklyn to Manhattan through the Williamsburg Bridge. It was just a second, but then, I saw the face of a girl on her bicycle, she was watching the skyline of Manhattan, riding faster, enjoying every inch of that bridge, with that happy smile on her face. She made me remember the feeling I use to have when biking through the streets of Barcelona. The day after, I bought a bicycle.

What are you hoping to accomplish with is something that people do because they really love it. Everything is about that feeling that you have when you take your bicycle. That moment is just for you and your thoughts. You make yours the streets, that bridge, that park, the people… Everything becomes part of your path. I created, hoping to offer a place where bicycle riders could share those unique experiences with everyone else.Do you see this as just a New York thing or will it expand to other cities?The great advantage of using the internet to create this network is that we have the opportunity to offer the experience to everyone. I imagine a site where you can view the favorite parts of people’s commutes around the world. Everything started here in New York but, imagine the opportunity to watch someone else’s path through the narrow streets of Italy, the snowy woods of Sweden, or a coastal road in Cuba, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Sydney, everywhere! It will be a marvelous thing to see.

Check out the films and videos made by Pareta and others who are sharing their paths.

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