Billboard as Augmented Reality

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By: Steven Heller | July 8, 2010

315 Park AVE. S.

It was early in the morning, my come-hither brown eyes not yetaccustomed to the dawn light, when I saw torrents of water pouring frombuilding windows just north of 23rd Street in New York (top). Was it acatastrophic water main break? The end of the world as we know it? Or a Ray Harryhausenspectacular? As I got closer, and more of the building came into view,I realized it was none of the above. Rather, it was a conceptuallybrilliant billboard (painted by hand not a digitally printed scrim)advertising the sci-fi film “Inception,”which opens July 16. If the movie is as good as this billboard, it willbe worth the ticket price. If not, then at least, as they say, we hadParis, I mean 23rd Street.

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