The Power of Ambiguity

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Brad Holland‘s method for creating graphic commentary and illustration, which I was weaned on and taught when I was 17 years old and just starting my life in design and illustration, is as valid now as then (and tomorrow). Whatever the theme, whatever the image, don’t give away the message. Let it be ambiguous yet hold hypnotic allure. Make it a striking piece of art yet make it disturbing in its subtlety. The results over the years have run the gamut from surreal to real but never obscure. There is always a way in, be it a visual or textual entry point.

Holland’s recent contribution to Mirko Illic’s Tolerance Project exhibition begs the question: What is tolerance? Tolerance for some is matter-of-fact for others. This beautifully crafted poster is at once an enigma and a paradox. It is a welcome into a brotherhood and sisterhood of shared universality and a warning that all people carrying these beliefs are targets of one kind or another.

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