Brand My Country, Please!

Posted inThe Daily Heller

Have you noticed how nations have taken to branding their nationhood lately? If you ask me, there are some pretty cheesy logos out there. In fact, with the notable exception of España (influenced by Joan Miro) and the clever Bahamas logo, they all look like signs in a suburban mall. Even Jamaica, which was one of the first countries to do their tourist branding right, has screwed up the elegantly stark and simple logo. And what about Britain? Their logo isn’t so great: After such a history of wonderful railway, underground and tourism posters, this is all they could come up with? By the way, can anyone tell me what the Slovakia logo reminds you of?

I don’t mean to be a pill, since I have no better solution (that’s up to you designers out there). But when I see France look so generic, and El Salvador look like a discount subsidiary of Microsoft, I have to wonder who is at the design wheel. What’s your opinion?