Bringing Home the Fully-Cooked Bacon

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Bacon anyone? Oscar Meyer, which gave wiener new meaning and made Bologna into something other than an Italian city known for its leaning towers and Bolognese sugo, has answered our long held desire to avoid being splattered by frying bacon fat. Fully-cooked bacon enables the bacon lover to eat the popular pork product without having to waste natural gas or paper towels.

Oscar M isn’t the only fully-cooked pork product. Good Housekeeping has done a taste test. Tyson, Farmland, Hatfield (“great taste anytime”), Hormel, Maple Leaf and Schwan’s have joined the pork pit. And now anyone, anywhere, can have bacon on the fly (so to speak).

The downside, of course, is we’ll miss the enticing bacon aroma. But sacrifice is what progress is all about. Still, does the package have to look so unappetizing? Jerky anyone?

Speaking of bacon, have you heard about the micro pig fad in the UK? Look up the “mini pig”.