Bringing Out The Best And Worst

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Donald J. Trump brings out the best and worst in people, especially satirists. The best is spot on visual satire and worst is spot on visual satire. Jeff Gates, an artist, writer and graphic designer, was lead designer at the Smithsonian Institute from 1998 to 2018. He is the creator of the Chamomile Tea Party and creator of the posters (below). This year he has actively produced a poster collection expressing dismay (although I cannot imagine why) with 2019 politics.

“The part I hate about New Years is the weeks leading up to it with all the lists of who we’ve lost and the horrors of the world we encountered,” he told me. “But, since it was such an interesting year in politics, I wanted to survey just what I did during the year. So, I put together my year in posters. It was gratifying to see what I accomplished in my first year of retirement. I did 29 posters, starting with one about Trump’s sad immigration policy in January and ending with one on his impeachment in December.” It was a gratifying way for Gates to end the year.

Blind ambition Poster
The grimmest of reapers Poster
An infestation Poster
Jeffgates jews not nationality Poster
Living dangerously Poster
Jeffgates muellers egg Poster
Lightly redacted Poser
Jeffgates wait a minute Poster
Whats it going to be Poster