Cardboard Modernism

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Being a miniature furniture fan, I was struck by the Brinca Dada kit of cardboard modern furniture for the Dylan House. “Inspired by the minimalist masterpieces of Paul Rudolph and Tadao Ando, Dylan House features a concrete-and-glass feel, but with the breezy openness of a beachfront home. Floor-to-ceiling windows open to allow natural light into the house and play from many angles. The Dylan House has five living spaces on three levels: living room/dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and roof patio. Dylan House is created in 3/4” scale. Furniture is sold separately.”

So, I bought the furniture, hoping that construction would not result in the usual frustration. And for the first few pieces — the bathtub, refrigerator, kitchen table and sink counter top — it was clear sailing. And then came the bed. The cardboard cracked. The pieces collapsed. Once more I felt humiliated, like the junior high kid who failed shop for two years in a row.

The packaging and detailing of the Brinca Dada kit is a modern delight. Alas not all delights are de-wonderful. I’ve given up on the Dylan furniture but not on Brinca Dada. I’m about to start on The Maison Furniture collection for the Edward House and Bennett House. I dare it to confound me.

The line’s clean and sophisticated aesthetic mixes classic modern design with contemporary “in fashion” highlights. In the words of designer Cecilia Reboursin, “The key was to work on every detail to add an extra dimension of authenticity to the line. We used American black walnut as a common thread, giving a contemporary feel to each room. We then added color as accents, but also as an attraction to children’s sensibilities.”The Maison Collection – Living Room set is comprised of 4 pieces including sofa, 2 chairs and coffee table. All furniture elements are made from high-quality woods and fabrics and are fashioned with non-toxic, lead-free stains and paints.

Wish me luck.