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Charles Wilkin is the curator of an exhibition about new trends in collage, All That Remains presented by Ugly Art Room at Picture Farm in Brooklyn. Picking from a large number of collage artists, the show opens Oct 21st, with a reception from 7-9pm at Picture Farm (338 Wythe Ave.) Here are some of the images in the show. And below is Wilkin answering my questions . . .

Why did you organize this group collage show?With the impending demise of print media, collage artists are reaping the rewards of a virtual boom in discarded paper ephemera. This is probably one of the reasons why there’s been renewed interest in collage lately. I also feel this show will introduce collage to a new audience and really showcases the depth and complexity of contemporary collage.

What were your criteria?My criteria was simple really. I wanted to select a groups of artists that represented what was happening now in collage. I think this show creates a perfect snap shot of the incredible diversity of styles, techniques while at the same time really projects a cohesive message relevant to what’s happening in the world today. Collage always has this uncanny way of bridging the past with the present and I think that is really evident in this show.

What is it about collage that is so compelling?For me personally is about being free to live in the moment of making a collage. The immediacy and spontaneity is extremely challenging and exciting. I love not knowing where I’m going until I get there which allows me imagine what is possible. I think a lot of other collage artist have similar feelings about it. There really is a great sense satisfaction that comes from making something out of nothing.

Is collage coming back? Or has it never gone?Collage is certainly experiencing a revival but at the same time I don’t think it ever went away. Collage has long history of popping up during times of social and political uncertainty, Dada, and Punk Rock are just a few examples. So it seem natural that collage has reemerged now when everything seems uncertain and in flux. I think what’s amazing this time around is the level of diversity and complexity conceptually that collage has evolved into, it’s not just about paper, glue and tape anymore.

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