Constructing an Ad Campaign

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Just when you thought that Russian Constructivism had run its retro course, Saks introduces its new advertising campaign designed by Shepard Fairey. As the New York Times notes: “Saks Fifth Avenue, which has surely felt the recession’s sting, is taking just such a fist-raising stand with its spring marketing. The campaign is inspired by the bold graphic designs and propaganda spirit of Constructivist art–although it is intended to be tongue-in-cheek.” Golly-gee, comrades Marx and Lenin, isn’t this design conceit a little stale by now? Is the recession making some marketers silly? And what does Russian Constructivism have to do with American retail anyway?

Just this year, Stoli ended its long-running Constructivist pastiche, but at least that brand is Russian vodka. See Stoli’s wonderful TV commercials here and here and here. And if you want to create your own Russian Constructivist poster, look here (bottom).

Have you seen any Russian Constructivist pastiche lately that I might have missed? Let me know in the comments!