Corns That Monsanto Did Not Modify

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Warning: Some people find blog posts about feet unpleasant. If you are one of these people, join us tomorrow for something completely different.

“Corns and calluses are annoying and potentially painful thickenings that form in the skin in areas of excessive pressure,” explain the experts at “The medical term for the thickened skin that forms corns and calluses is hyperkeratosis (plural=hyperkeratoses). A callus refers to a more diffuse, flattened area of thick skin, while a corn is a thick, localized area that usually has a popular, conical or circular shape. Corns, also known as helomas or clavi, sometimes have a dry, waxy or translucent appearance. A callus is also known as a tyloma.”

skin corns

Below is one of my favorite countertop advertisements for a miracle compound (sanctioned by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval) for corn relief. There is something soothing about the composition and authoritative about the typography.

MOSCO corns compound

And the fact that MOSCO rhymes with BOSCO, the chocolate flavoring for milk and ice cream, should not go unnoticed.

MOSCO corns compound

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