Crime Pays in Comics

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What is it that feels so good about a well produced comic book reprint/anthology? In the case of “CRIME Does Not Pay,” the first volume (issues 1 -4) of said comic, published by Dark Horse Archives, the answer is perhaps the lightness of the book (its binding and paper do not weigh you down), the rich saturated color reproduction, and the artwork itself. Whether or not the theme of crime, the true stories of Killer Lepke, Panther Man, the Mad Dog Esposito Brothers, the capture of John Dillinger, or the case of “Three Isolated Murders” tickle your fancy, the pure joy of flipping through these stellar renderings by Charles Biro and Bob Wood will give you a rush.

This volume is a companion to “Blackjacked and Pistol-Whipped: A Crime Does Not Pay Primer,” the story of Bob Wood, “The Killer Cartoonist.” See how things was (or were) before Dr. Fredric Wertham and the Comics Code Authority wiped up the blood, guts and gore.

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