Designing on Four Burners, Cooking on One

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If you are a foodie who savors design. Or a designie who favors food. You may enjoy the new book from Baseline, otherwise known for its heaping helpings of type and typography. The editors have asked designers about their likes or dislikes regarding food. “This collection of stories, instructions, memories and scrumptious ‘must try’ recipes makes a fascinating, entertaining, and revealing read,” says editor Veronika Reichert. “To make this book even more unique and desirable are the one-off illustrations, designs and photographs, our elite designers prepared. All these ingredients make this publication a ‘must have’ and an absolute feast for everyone to read and enjoy.”

There are never too many cooks in Baseline’s kitchen: Wim Crouwel, Gerard Unger, Ken Garland, Willi Kunz, Alan Kitching, Paula Scher, Arnold Schwartzman, Margaret Calvert, Alan Fletcher, Marion Deuchars, me and more.

If you’re hungry, go here to order up a book with all the toppings.