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I recently spent the day at a Summer music camp’s final orchestra concert where 30 or so violin, viola, cello, piano, flute and oboe prodigies from 8 – 13 years old played everything from Paul Hindemith to Ludwig van Beethoven, and they were amazing. When I closed my eyes I was in Carnegie Hall, the music was THAT good. So, I am reminded of this small gem I found in Paris, where my first cousin plays concert cello and her daughter, who was one of the 13 year old violinists at the camp, breaks your heart with her playing.

This 1929 Alphabet Musical coloring book conflates two sublime arts and crafts – type and music – and is interactive too. For the novice in both arts, it is a delightful exploration. May you enjoy it as much as moi.

musical 1
musical 13
musical 12
musical 11
musical 10
musical 9
musical 8
musical 7
musical 6
musical 5
musical 4
musical 3
musical 2