Do the Type-o-motion

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[Sung to the tune “Locomotion“]

Everybody’s doing a brand-new dance, now(Come on baby, do the Type-o-motion)I know you’ll get to like it if you give it a chance now(Come on baby, do the Type-o-motion)My little baby sister can do it with meIt’s easier than learning your A-B-CSo come on, come on, do the Type-o-motion with me

Video by Joanna Kuczek at SVA MFA Design

If you’d like to do the Type-o-motion, check out the TDC Workshop 1 (June 1–3) taught by Gail Anderson and Josh Hester. They will have you create your own short motion video in After Effects. In fact, they claim just a letter move across the screen will amaze your colleagues and distant relatives.

Josh Hester says: “You’ll learn how to play with type in more than just two or three dimensions. We’ll craft an engaging, fun, dramatic, or silly type-driven music short video while learning the proper tools and techniques. This won’t just be motion for motion’s sake.”Gail Anderson says: “We’re confident that we can cram a lot of learning into three days. While our focus will be on storytelling and design, the workshop will also be about choosing and manipulating the right typefaces for the right emotions. Yet no heavy lifting is required.”

But don’t take their word for it, just give it a chance now. The fee for three days: TDC members $595.00 / Non members $695.00. That’s a whole lot’a dough for a whole lot’a motion.

Video by Lizzy Showman at SVA MFA Design