Don’t Forget to Vote

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Whatever your party, your VOTE is important. The following initiatives have been launched by designers to help get out the vote next Tuesday.

PLUS ONE: “Some people donate money. Most don’t volunteer. But what if everyone got just one more person to vote?” asks Scott Stowell. PLUS ONE (above) is a way to get involved that is modest and personal. If enough people do it, it really could make a difference. And if people send their PLUS ONE stories to, “we might have a nice collection of anecdotes to share for the future.”

VOTEHOUR.ORG: This from Ji Lee: “According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in the last election, the #1 reason eligible voters didn’t vote was because they were ‘too busy.’ This shouldn’t happen in this important election. Let’s encourage EVERYONE to vote!” Get employers to designate one hour on November 4 for voting. Show your boss the video on

NOV4.NET: From Brent & Andrew: “Promote the vote NOV 4. Let NOV4 help you get out the vote in 2008.” This site sells media kits, stickers, iron-ons and tattoos (below) all with NOV 4 emblazoned in stark type.

AIGA GET OUT THE VOTE: “Help motivate your friends, family and others in your community to voteby spreading the AIGA Get Out the Vote campaign. AIGA invited designersfrom across the United States to create nonpartisan posters.”