Don’t Worry, SEE “Happy”

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The first year SVA MFA Designer as Author students are HAPPY. Well, actually, they’ll be happy when the preparations for their year-end exhibition HAPPY(curated by Kevin T. O’Callaghan) are complete. The show opens with a reception on Monday May 11 from 6-8, and all the secrets of how or how not to achieve happiness will be revealed for the first time (and continue to be revealed until May 30).

The Happy exhibit includes the G.B.G Food Mart by Carli Pierce (a bodega that secretly sells a line of products to help you indulge in your guilty pleasures), Superdad by Ashley Stevens (which reminds unemployed fathers how special they really are), Seeds in the City by Ektta Daryanani (which fosters adoption of seedlings that will grow into trees), and the anti-happy Camp Upshitcreek by Matt Luckhurst (where kids are “forced” to live outdoors and be happy whether they like it or not), and more.

There are gifts and surprises that will make you happy. So visit the SVA Gallery at 209 East 23rd Street, and let a smile be your umbrella.