European Under, Middle and Overgrounds

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The quantity of European alternative pubs and tabs published during the Seventies was extraordinary. Art and political movements, nihilists, socialists, modernists and other “ists” were pumping out the type and image with surprising productivity. In 2000, the exhibition Die Kunst der Zeitschrift (The Art of Newspapers) hung at the Kasseler Kunstverein. A broadsheet newspaper (on calendared paper) catalog was produced with thumbnails of hundreds of covers – many a great surprise to me.

Below are excerpted some of these journals that were issued as either one or scores of numbers and represented the many burgeoning or established radical constituencies through our beloved ink-on-paper.

art mags017
art mags016
art mags025
art mags023
art mags022
art mags021
art mags020
art mags019
art mags018

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