Far Out

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This year marks the 70th anniversary of The 1939 New York World’s Fair (The World of Tomorrow) and 40th anniversary of Woodstock (the festival of peace and love). To commemorate these milestones here are two ideas.

For the former check out my podcast here, which surveys the Fair that introduced TV, flourescent lights, sanitized baking, Kodachrome film, and a voice activated robot to the world.

For the latter, a real treat: Victor Moscoso, master of the psychedelic poster and editor of Zap Comix, has a unique offer. Although Moscoso was nowhere near Woodstock, the Haight Ashbury scene in San Francisco was a perpetual hippie festival. Moscoso, who designed “Psychedelic Playbill” and revived “Smoke” typefaces has just re-issued five classic Family Dog conert posters, available in limited edition (Artist Edition) only. They are among the essential artifacts of Sixties graphic design and pristine examples of psychedelic vibrating lettering before it was co-opted by the imitators. These and more Moscoso information can be found here. (Posters from top to bottom: “Sixty-Nine,” “Plains of Quicksilver” and “Flower Pot.”)

Can you name other generational icons that should have a second (or third) life?