Fast Talkin’

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Remember John Moschitta, the fast talker for Federal Express? Here is the FedEx commercial that made him a household name, or at least mouth.

In this rapturous age of rap, George Watsky is the latest fast mouthed marvel — the speediest rapper ever. When his “Pale Kid Raps Fast” video went viral he tallied-up almost 10 million views. He also earned a spot on the Ellen Degeneres Show and commercial offers, including one for T-Mobile. Apparently he refused.

Instead T-Mobile found another fast rapper because a good idea wasted is a bad idea. Watsky, in turn, “couldn’t resist” and made a parody thereof. Here is the official T-Mobile version with their pert spokeswoman. And here is Watsky’s version with a, well, you figure it out.

After all the dust on the rapping smack-down settles. You got to ask yourself: How’d he do that? You gotta see it to believe it.

(See “Designing Design History,” the movie here.)