Fix Me a Double

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Sophisticated cocktails are back in vogue again. This 1946 gem, Crosby Gaige’s Cocktail Guide and Ladies’ Companion, with “drawings almost from life,” by Rea Irvin, is a veritable bar-hound’s bible. It includes recipes for such shake-well beauties as “Euthanasia,” “The Goldfish,” “Whoops, My Dear,” “Hello, Lover” and “Pyschopathia Sexualis” (all starting with generous parts gin). There is also “Apricots for Little Tots” (which with its various parts cognac, gin and dry vermouth is not really for kids, although “leading pediatricians recommend apricots for the infantile diet”). There is also a recipe for the classic “Micky Finn.”

Lucius Beebe, who wrote the foreword, is also the author of his own Cocktail confabulation, with a cover by Paul Rand, who swore he never took a drop.

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