For The Love of Chairs

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What’s not to love about chairs? We certainly spend enough time in them. They are our appendages. What’s more, they provide more than an extra four legs, back and arm rests. They insure comfort (or discomfort). They offer status. Think throne and work down from there. Not for nothing is it called the “seat” of power. Aesthetics play a role too. We not just any assemblage of legs, arms, and seats are good chairs. There must be beauty as well as comfort. A BarcaLounger may resemble a big happy bear (see here) but that doesn’t make it an exquisite chair.

Here are some simply and simple beautiful chairs made in the 1930s by Thonet, long the leading manufacturer of bentwood furniture. In 1819 Michael Thonet founded his company to produce his own designs, using his invention, the new bentwood process. The value of these particular chairs is in their sturdiness and unassuming elegance. Nonetheless, sometimes we just want to sink down deep into an engulfing Baraca. That’s the great thing about chairs – there are so many to choose from.