Funny, What One Thinks About Walking To Work

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If I wore women’s clothes—which I don’t—but if I did, what women’s clothes would I wear? (Sounds like a poem, no?)*

I’d shop at Anthropologie. The reason? Well, I walk by the store everyday on the way to my office and always admire the handsome window displays full of very “graphic” dresses, skirts, and tops, and the sales staff who model them. So, I was thinking, this summer has been great for women’s clothes, and the folks at Anthropologie have contributed their fair share to the overall pleasant “look” of the season (and the skirts, shown here, work great as lampshades too). So consider this a summertime shout-out to their designers, buyers, marketers, and window dressers.

*It’s funny what one thinks about on a pleasant summer’s morning walking to work, isn’t it?