George Tscherny 95 Years! Today!

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We wish a very happy 95th Birthday to pioneering mid-century modernist George Tscherny. (And 69th wedding anniversary to Sonia and George too.)

George Tscherny

George Tscherny was born in Budapest in 1924, but was raised in Germany from the age of two. “Hungary,” he says, “exists for me only on my birth certificate.” His mother, a Hungarian with a fervent anti-Fascist bias, so disapproved of her nation’s dictator, Admiral Horthy, that she vowed never to let her children speak Hungarian. His father was Russian, so not even the name Tscherny is Hungarian, rather a German spelling of the Russian word for black. Read my AIGA 1988 Medalist biography here.

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George Tscherny turns 95 in July.