Getting a Leg Up

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Express illustrator's pants

If you’ve always wanted to be an illustrator but didn’t have the right inseam, now Express is offering the “Illustrator Pant.” As they say “Our exclusive Illustrator Pant is one of the most flattering, leg-loving styles ever.”

Speaking of inseam, most male illustrators probably won’t feel comfy wearing these, but not to worry, I’m certain, knowing how the fashion industry works, Illustrator Briefs and Boxers are on the horizon (if they are not already here–see below).

For those who think wearing Illustrator Pants is below their station, Express also offers the “Editor Pant,” the “Stylist,” and, for certain egotists, the “Editor Wide Waistband” (just remember a waistband is a terrible thing to waste).

Are there other articles of clothing so well suited to the art and design fields? Feel free to share; all ideas will be held in strict confidence. (Thanks to Nina Frenkel for her keen observation.)

Men briefs