Gifts Made By Magic Pixies

Posted inThe Daily Heller

Some of you may already be Archie McPhee fans. (If not, look here.) If you are a fan, but don’t have any more room in your home for tasty bubblegum cocktail wienies, delicious breakfast dental floss (bacon, pancake, and coffee flavored), iconic eyeball bandages, or stylish mustaches for girls, then maybe you’d be happier with the new book, Who Would Buy This? The Archie McPhee Story by Mark Pahlow. (It takes up much less space.)

Featuring some of the strangest and most amazing products AP have created or acquired during the past 30 years, this book is easy to store, and leaves no unpleasant residue, like some of the “stupidproducts” that “got us into trouble with the Secret Service, the US Department of Defense, and theUS Department of Transportation!”

For those of you who don’t mind spending large sums of dinero on silly things, check out the Yodelling Pickle, Inflatable Toast (above), the Jesus bobble-head doll, the world’s largest underpants (below), terrified pickles (bottom), and my high-minded favorite, tub o’ flying cats. What tickles your fancy?