Give Us That Old Time Sustainability

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Over the decades Print‘s editorial and design team produced other magazines, notably including HOW and Scenario. Another, lesser known, but no less remarkably prescient journal, Design & Environment was a progressive view of the hot-button issues faced today: sustainability. This “Interprofessional Magazines for Architects, Engineers, City planners, Landscape Architects, Designers” published quarterly from 1970-1976. I’m certain that most of Print‘s current and recent editors are not even aware that this magazine, editorially directed by Martin Fox, art directed by Andrew P. Kner and edited by Ann Ferebee (an early design history author) and published by Robert Cadel, even existed. I did not. But flipping through its pages is a revelation.

If we had any misconception that environmental concerns around sustainability are new, D+E included stories on “Disposing of Disposable,” “Interior Designers Discover Behavioral Research,” “Human Territoriality in the City,” and most frequently recycling. For those who are interested in a taste of the content I suggest an interlibrary loan or some digging into WorldCat.

Incidentally, these covers were designed by the late Andy Kner.