Going Postal Part 2

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Postage machines have become more sophisticated, enabling users to print out all manner of postal images – graphics going postal – including personalized postage stamps (with photos of the senders, no less). But decades earlier these strips of printed postage were just as visually effusive, albeit more primitive.

Thanks to the animation maven, J.J. Sedelmaier – who is also a collector and hoarder of vintage ephemera – I have in my hands a thick volume of postal machine print-outs. Someone, somewhere decided back in the 1940s that these commonplace examples of daily life had value, if not to others, then to him.

So in tribute to this and anonymous collectors everywhere, who preserve the quotidian, and thanks to J.J. I present a few pages from this 200 plus page scrapbook. (For a larger view, click on image.)

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